Friday, May 30, 2008

Hit by CalTrain- learn from my mistake

Below is a post from my husbands blog about what happened to him yesterday.

This morning on my way to work, I got hit by the northbound CalTrain train that I was supposed to board at the Santa Clara station. I was taken to the hospital to be checked out, but only suffered from bruises and scrapes and needed two stitches on my forehead. Service was delayed for everyone else for 20 minutes while the police investigated. For those inconvenienced, and to the crew of the train, I offer my apologies.

The Santa Clara station is one of the few stations remaining that are so-called "hold out" stations. That is, there is a platform between the two tracks intended for use by passengers boarding (or disembarking) trains on the far track - which are the Northbound trains. Well, today, the Northbound train was on the opposite track. When I heard the train approach ringing its bell, I glanced over in that direction and saw the train approaching and slowing down, but did not see that it was on the wrong track. So I started to cross the Southbound track - where the train was - and got hit. The train was going maybe 5 MPH, but it still threw me 10 feet onto the platform. I thank my lucky stars that it threw me onto the platform rather than onto the tracks.

Generally, I wait until the head of the train passes me before I venture across the crossing. Today I didn't do that, and it nearly cost me my life. I don't intend to repeat that mistake. Please don't anyone else repeat it either.

I'd like to see CalTrain fix all of the "hold out" stations. They're working on California Avenue right now, and they've shut down weekday service to Atherton, but I haven't heard about any plans for Santa Clara.

We are home now and thank Jehovah God that he was not killed. A tragedy like this makes you think about your life and how important it is. It was a horrible day for both of us, getting that phone call at 9:00 am yesterday morning from the Trauma center was one of the most frightening things I have ever experienced. I don't even remember driving myself to the hospital. *sigh*

Hubby is now safe here at home and resting in his own bed with his fur babies snuggled against him. I think animals are smarter than some of us give them credit for, they know their daddy is hurting.

Funny how my friend Sandy and I were talking about portable projects to keep in your purse for hospital visits and such. She is an online friend of my and the owner of Crochet Cabana. Anyway she had mentioned in her blog that her preemie kit from Bejeweled Hooks had arrived and we talked about how it would make a great travel project. So I headed over to get me one but unfortunately I did not know that I would have used it so soon. So soon, that it had not even arrived. Any way you can get the information about the Preemie Kit at her blog that is in my 'Blogs that I visit" list, she is the Crafty Corral link.

*hugs* to all my readers

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wings Rule.

Well they did it again!! Monday nights game was outstanding again. The Red Wings took the 2nd game of the finals 3-0. I wish I was in Detroit so I could go to one of the games. Oh well, I will settle for it on television.

Went to lunch today with an old friend (Steve) that I haven't seen in almost 2 years. He was so shocked to see me being 125 pounds lighter. We had a great afternoon and promised each other that we would do it at least once a month. We talked about many things and had great conversation catching each other up on our lives.

Nothing much else going on. Still working on red, white and blue baby items. I managed to get 7 jackets and 4 hats done this weekend while hubby was in Vegas. He was at a Poker conference or I would have went with him. I told him to not let the women hit on him. Since he has lost so much weight (100) he is looking pretty handsome. I told him, "remember who loved you when you were fat and a slob". We laughed together. I know that he is totally devoted to me ( and I to him) and know that our marriage is strong as a rock.

Anyway just a catch up post. Hope you all had a great weekend.


Sunday, May 25, 2008

Go Red Wings

Not sure how many of you know that I am a big Hockey fan and the Detroit Red Wings are my team. They are in the Stanley cup final this year, This is the 4th time since I moved here in 97. Anyway the 1st game was last night and we won 4-0. Woo Hoooo!! They are playing a fairly new team to the league, Pittsburgh Penguins but they sure played a pretty good game considering they were playing against the BEST!

Samuelsson leads way as Wings pound Penguins in Cup opener
Ted Kulfan / The Detroit News

Mikael Samuelsson celebrates his second-period goal. He also scored in the third period.
(David Guralnick/The Detroit News)

The next game is Monday at 8:00 pm and you can be assured that I will be glued to the television with my yarn and hook in hand.


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lil Troopers

The group that I belong to is having a contest this month to see how many Red, White and Blue baby items we can make for our troops babies. Now as you know, I study with the Jehovah Witnesses and they are against anything that is patriotic. Well I have always been proud of my country and have not yet decided that supporting our Military is a bad thing. I am not a baptized Jehovah Witness but I do believe many, many of their beliefs. But the Patriotic one is hard for me to grasp so until I do accept it I will continue to make for the babies.

Whew....with that out of the way I wanted to show a cute little diaper jacket and hat that I made. It is the basic pattern that I usually use but the yarn I used this time was Mary Maxim ragg yarn in a blue/white twist. And the trim is Mary Maxim best value in red. Just wanted to share. :)

Hope everyone is having a great day.


Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hat and sweater

One of the couples at the Kingdom Hall that I go to just had a baby boy last Monday. I decided that I should make a little something so a little sweater and hat was to be. I used Caron Simply Soft Paints yarn in the color "Tapestry". It worked up so beautiful and I just love this yarn. If you get a chance to try it I highly recommend it. For the buttons I sewed one on and attached the other one to some invisible elastic so that mom can unbutton it with ease, not loose the button and also because I thought it need the two buttons to make it more decorative. All in all I am please with the way it turned out.

Please click on the photo for a larger detailed view.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.


Nothing New

Just working and preparing for a big trade show in Manhattan this coming week. I am not going this year but have made all the arrangements and such and I am glad when it is over.

In my spare time I have been working on hats and diaper shirts for my Lil troopers group. I also want to find out some information from our local hospital and see what they can use for their Cancer wards. I just have not had a chance to go over there or even call.

What's everyone working on now? The weather has been horribly hot here the past few days. When it gets like that I prefer to work on smaller project that are not so heavy or laying on my lap. Just my preference.

Hope you all have a great weekend!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Back Home

Well I am back home and ready to start a new week. Nick starts his new job tomorrow and he is excited and so am I. I will let you know how he makes out.

We had a great time at the In-Laws. While there we seen 2 movies and loved them both. The first one we seen was "Speed Racer" and the second one was "21". A good time was had by all. I am glad to be back home with my fur babies and to get back on schedule.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.
Until next time.