Thursday, August 14, 2008

Baby Blanket

Here is yet another baby blanket that I finished up last night. This one is for a girl and I loved making it. The edging is my own pattern. I first did a sc all the way around the blanket and then followed that with 2 dc, ch 1, skip the next stitch then 2 dc in next stitch. I did that all the way around then changed back to the light pink color and did a chain 1 then did FPsc's around both of the 2 dc then chain one then repeated that all the way around the blanket. It gave it a very nice rope look. The pictures don't do it justice.

I seem to be in a baby blanket mood so I am sure that I will be starting another one today.

Have a great day and sending *HUGS* your way!!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely stunning honey and your edgings is clever. I love the colors you used for this one. They are so bright and cheery.

Sandy said...

Beautiful blankie....such pretty bright colors.

Is Ghost feeling better...2nd blog I've been to today where she's posted. YIPPEE

Though when I try to go to her blog via clicking on her ghost/name etc. says profile not available.