Thursday, September 4, 2008

Chihuly Sculpture

One of the blogs that I read daily is Go Crochet with Ellen by crochet designer Ellen Gormley. One of her recent posts had a photo of a sculpture created by glass artist Dale Chihuly. When I seen this post I recognized his work immediately. I had just gotten back from my doctors office at the El Camino Medical Center in Mountain View, CA and every time I went there I would see this beautiful glass sculpture hanging from the ceiling in the main lobby on the second floor. That very day I snapped a few pictures with my iPhone to share with my husband, it is "THAT" amazing to look at. I had no idea that I would come home and read Ellen's blog to find out that I had seen his work in person. What a wonderful discovery and thank you Ellen. If not for your post I would have never known or thought to ask about it. Below is a photo I took and the link to his web site. Make sure that you click on the photo to view a larger picture. The detail is amazing.

His other works can be viewed here at his web site. Dale Chihuly

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely, stunning piece of art. So much to see. And you always seem to come in contact with the unusual things in life.