Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's raining scarves

Well, I have finished three more scarves. Two for the Special Olympics and One for Pineridge Reservation. My total count is 14 and I think that is going to do it for me.

I want to make and afghan for my nephew Even who just turned 18 and is in college attending Berkeley so we get to see him quite often now. He is like his aunt and like green. :) Not sure what pattern I will use but I will research it and pick something manly.

Hope you all have a beautiful day.


Anonymous said...

Just gorgeous! And when you click on the picture you get to see the stitches used so much better. There are sure going to be some happy and warm necks this winter, which seems to have arrived here early.

Susan said...

love that delft blue scarf for special olympics!

Sandie said...

I also had to click to have a closer look - they are so gorgeous. Did you use a pattern?

Sandy said...

Very nice. You've done well with your 14.

Wonder if you know. Is there a problem with Ghost's site? I know she has her ID think blocked or not set so people can't click on her ghost avatar and get to her page. So, I've had link so I could get to her page that way; but now that doesn't seem to be working either. I actually see her page when I click on it from my list, as well as from Sandie's page; but once I see her page I get a message Int. Explorer can't open it (like there's a problem there?), you click on and her page goes away. You try to ignore the message, but you're not able to comment on her blog with it there.

Thanks, have a great week.

Love the pattern on this last blue and white you made.