Friday, September 5, 2008

It's that time again.

Yes, the Scarf Challenge from Crochet With Dee, 60 scarves in 60 days has begun. I am going to get going on some scarves tonight. The scarf/scarves must be created by hand between September 1st and November 31st, 2008, midnight, eastern time, to count. (They actually increased the days to 90 so more scarves can be created this year, but we're going to keep the challenge title the same since it's kinda catchy, easy to remember.) So lets make this year the best year ever and warm up America!!!


Sandie said...

This is Sandie Petit's husband. She has asked me to send you a note to let you know that we are okay after the passage of Hurricane Gustav. We have only suffered minor damage to our home, but, like many Louisianians right now, have no power and no Internet access. We are hopeful that we will have power back in the next couple of days.

She also asked me to say: "She wishes she had some of those cool ties we send the troops right now!" :-)

Scarlet said...

Thank you Sandie's hubby for leaving this note so that we know that you guys are alright. We all have you in out thoughts and prayers and hope that you get to go home soon. Stay safe and we love you.

*hugs* Scarlet

Sandy said...

60 scarfs 60 My hats off to you, thats a heck of goal. Working currently on scarfs, so's that of year. Where do these scarfs get donated once made?

Hope over for a visit, haven't heard from you in a while

Have a good week, and keep hooking.


Sandie said...

Hi Scarlet! I am back online. Thanks for the reminder about the 60 scarves - I would love to participate again this year. In fact, I've already begun... I'll have to notify Dee.

Anonymous said...

sis you are always so generous with your time and give to every charity that you see needs your help. You have such a good heart.