Saturday, September 27, 2008

Overdue Post

Well it's been awhile since I last blogged. It has been busy around here. First let me start out by wishing you all a happy blessed weekend.

Remember I mentioned the crochet classes. We finally got together and what a hit it was. We sat, crocheted, and got to know about each other and ended up with a 4 hour session. They were making slip stitches and chains like pros by the time we left there. This coming week will be doing the single crochet and turning your work.

We also had our Enterprise Search Summit Tech show and I was there all 3 days. It went very well and I loved talking to all the folks that our company partners with and also our customers.

I have lots more to tell but am in a hurry again.

Hope you all are enjoying life and laughing lots.



Wendy said...

That is so wonderful Scarlet....I hope that the next lessons go as well....Try not to work too much and have a wonderful weekend........
Big Hugs

Anonymous said...

Love that you all got together. I see this growing into something larger. So proud of you.

Sandy said...

Sounds fabulous! It's really neat I think that so many new people are getting interested in our craft. For a few years, I thought I was a dinosaur, then found there were others here on the net and now you actually see people out and about knitting and crocheting. Great to know these wonderful skills will get passed on to new people and new generations. Well done!


now I have no trouble getting into your blog, still no luck though with your sis...this puzzles me greatly.