Monday, September 29, 2008

Scarf Count

As of this morning I have 23 scarves to mail out and to go towards the 60 scarves in 60 days challenge. I need to tag them and then they will go to post and be on their merry way. :) The count is sorted as follows:

5 Scarves for the Red Scarf Project
8 Scarves for the Special Olympics
10 Scarves for the Pine-ridge Reservation.

I will continue to make specialOlympic scarves until I run out of the yarn that I bought especially for them as they requested special colors.

I hope all my readers have a wonderful week and remember to "Crochet a Memory"



Anonymous said...

You are so generous with your time and talents Sissy. And I love your comment today about Crochet a Memory that is such a beautiful thought.

Sandie said...

Wow! You go, girl! What a joy that will be to all those folks. And such beautiful things too! Nice job! Do you have a particular group you are working with for the Pine Ridge?

Susan said...

wow! you are a scarf machine! great job!

Sandy said...

Holly Molly Girl! Fabulous. Tell me which group you're doing your scarfs for Pine Ridge for, most interested in that. I've got some slippers I've been working on off and on that will probably go to Pine Ridge, but not sure I saw a scarf component.

You must have found lots of blue and white to have made that many scarfs and still have yarn left in those elusive colors. Well done!

Now, still trying to get to the bottom and fix the problem of getting into Ghost's blog. I use Int. Expl, on a pc. I understand she is a mac, and that you are too? So what browser are you using? Why am I good on yours and not hers? It's making me frustrated. Though I know I'm not the only one who suddenly can't get her page to open.

Hugs for all you do

Sandie said...

Sandy, I use a PC and Firefox and just got into Ghost's blog just fine. My suggestion would be to clear your cache and blogger cookies. I have that trouble with yahoo. Every now and then I have to clear them. It hasn't happened with blogger before, but it could be a related problem.

Anonymous said...

They are just beautiful, Scarlet. You do such great work.

Now, Ghost's blog. I am having same problem as Sandy. I clean my cache at least once per day. I am on a PC with IE. Up until about 2 weeks ago there was no problem reading it and then all of a sudden, I get the abort problem. I miss reading it.


Anonymous said...

I also like to read the blogs from you and your sister. I also have Internet Explorer and have problems reading your sisters. You both are very inspiring to me. When I read them it makes me want to crochet and finish the items I start. I do miss reading ghost's blog.