Friday, October 17, 2008

Doily Progress

So, here is how far I've gotten on the other doily I started. I again have ran out of thread. I really thought I had 2 balls of this color but could only find one. I will have to order more. *sigh* So that makes two that I am waiting to finish. I hope that I am still in the mood to finish them when I get the thread, we'll see.

This weekend we are hosting a party and the theme is Mexican Fiesta! I think it will be a great time. I am serving, home made tamales, home made refried beans and spanish rice. And Margaritas of course!! We have 14 coming so I am sure that a good time will be had by all.

Well I will close for now. I will post progress as it happens.



Anonymous said...

Beautiful sis. And it will fit perfectly with your planned theme and also with the party.

Wendy said...

The doily is looking great, and if you do not feel like finishing it, it looks good just the way it is....How are the lessons going? I love to hear about them and what they have accomplished.