Tuesday, October 21, 2008


The Phantom Of The Opera (1925)

Relive the golden days of early cinema with Lon Chaney in his classic role in The Phantom of the Opera (1925). Dennis James plays the live musical accompaniment to this gem of the silent film era on our majestic, 9,000-pipe Ruffatti organ, the largest concert hall organ in North America.

A group of us are going to the San Francisco Symphony Hall on October 31st to see this old classic. This is a special movie for my husband and I as our wedding music was "All I Ask" from the movie. I'll be sure to post afterwards with pictures and lots of my opinion. :)



Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear your opinions. I have seen the movie on my TV screen but not with the organ. I know you will have a wonderful night.

Sandy said...

Hope you have a wonderful time! San Francisco is a neat and fun city. I've got some pics posted from there (I think I added them??), from a few months back. I don't know if I've seen the org. loved the musical on stage and the new movie.