Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Neck Warmer

Here is a photo sis asked me to publish for her. She had surgery yesterday on both her wrists and will be out of commission for at least five days. Middle of December before full recovery. All prayers are welcomed.

She saw a woman wearing one of these yesterday and hot to make one herself. So, as I sat with her this morning and watched she whipped this honey up in about an hour. I have got to have one for myself. It is really lovely and she looks so great wearing it.

She started with 70 chains. Turned and worked dc across starting in the second stitch from her hook, which was a size "N". She worked 10 rows of dc and then bordered the entire thing with a round of sc. She then sewed the end to the side to create the point in the front and it turned out so great in my opinion. She used the Black Lites yarn from Bernat in Big Blue. I can't wait to get started on one myself. I am off now to my blog to add it to my list of Works in Mind.



Sandie said...

Hope your wrists heal quickly! The picture is lovely! Hope you and your family enjoy your Thanksgiving in spite of your surgery.

Sandy said...

Very cool. Trying to figure out the method, trying to picture in my mand the process. Love the yarn!

Hope she feels better soon.

Happy Thanksgiving