Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My latest Scarf

I am home from the in-laws and we had a great time with the family. I worked on many scarves while I was there for the Bridge Project and mailed off a package on the 29th to Sandy. It had some hats, scarves and a nice big shawl. I am sure they will be put to good use.

The picture below is of a scarf that I finished today and I just love the color. The yarn itself is a bit scratchy but I am sure it will soften once I wash it. It is made with Red Heart Strata and the color is Cherry Berry. This will also go to the Bridge ProjectI know this yarn has been discontinued but I have quite a bit in my stash so I will not have withdrawals for awhile. LOL

On this last day of 2008, I want to tell my readers how much I appreciate all the comments and love shown me and I wish you a very best 2009! Cheers!!


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Another Scarf

Well here is yet another scarf that I started last night and finished before I went to bed. It is done in what I believe is the seed stitch. No pattern just used up some scraps that I had.

I really need to work on the lumberjack that I have going. I really want to tart a new project but I am no sure i want to make that plunge until I have some of the other things I have started off my list.

Hope you all have a great day and thank you so much for all your wonderful comments.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Two more projects done

Here are the pillows that I made for the nephews to match the afghans that I made for them. Evan is going to Berkley so his colors are gold and blue and Andrew is 16 and in high school but one of his favorite colors is orange. I used the Fisherman's ring pattern and then added double crochet until it was as large as I needed for the 16 inch pillow forms. I then sewed that square onto the pillow form and left one row of double crochet as a border for the pillow. I think they came out nice.

I am now back in my comfort zone and working on a scarf to go with the snowman hat that I made.


Monday, December 15, 2008

The Snowfllake Afghan

Another project I can cross of the "need to complete" list. It sure feels good to have this one under me. Sis has done one as well but is in white and hunter green. She ran out for the hunter yesterday so she had to put it aside until she gets a yarn shipment which is today. I am anxious to see hers completed.

Now I have a couple pillows to work on this week and another scarf. Hope all is well with everyone and praying that you have a wonderful week.


Friday, December 12, 2008


Well, I've finally put the button on the two neck warmers that I made awhile back. Here they are completed.

I have also been working on the snowflake afghan and have many done and have now started to put some of the strips together. I think it is going to look okay and I plan on finishing this this weekend for sure.

Then I need to work on the two pillows that I am making for the nephews to go with the afghans that I made for them.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Slant Stitch Scarf

Here is the scarf that I mentioned on my last blog post. Finished it up this yesterday morning. I love this pattern and it can be found on my side bar at "Suzie's Stuff". She has many, many wonderful patterns on her site. Please take a moment and click on the photo below so that you can see the larger picture and the detail better of the slant stitch.

I will be doing this pattern again. I personally feel that it is perfect for a mans scarf. I am now working on a "V" stitch scarf then I need to get two pillows completed. The pillows are for the nephews to go with the afghans that I made them that they just love. :) I was so worried they would not like them.

Well that is all for now. I hope you all have a wonderful and peaceful day. *hugs*

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's a Girl

We just found out that friends of ours that now live in Washington are awaiting the arrival of their daughter due to make her appearance to our world next month, (Jan). This is their second child. Their first is a son named Ian and he was born last October, 2007. They are a wonderful couple and I am sure great parents and I hope to get too see their beautiful children. They are so truly blessed.

Anyway, I naturally had to make something for the baby at that moment and below are photos of my efforts. Just a quick note to mentioned that I used an "F" sized hook and the yarn of choice was SWTC's Amerah, which is 100 percent silk. It is a beautiful yarn but it sure sticks to your hook as you're working with it. The color was "Lush" and the flower and trim are done with Lion brand cotton. Here are the photos, one a close up and the other a shot of the entire dress.

Coming soon.....A bonnet or hat to match the dress, I haven't decided yet. Also I am working on a scarf for my brother in-law whom is a lawyer. I wanted something very manly and I love this yarn and the pattern.

Until next time.

I will close for now but wanted to wish all of my readers a wonderful day.

P.S., I go this morning to get my stitches out and I can't wait.


Saturday, December 6, 2008

Almost forgot

How could I forget to mention the new LOGO that my wonderfully talented, beautiful, smart sister, Ghost made for me and I just love it. You're probably thinking, "hmmm barns are normally red in color". Well right you are, but if you know me then you know that green is my FAVORITE color so, therefore my "Yarn Barn is green".
I also wanted you to take at the look at how stuffed my barn is getting. Yes, I am going to have to make some other storage arrangements eventually or else it will be all over the place and you will not be able to see my blog to read it because of all the yarn overflow.

In case you have not seen the barn yet, look at the upper right hand side corner of my blog. There she is!!!!! A beautiful full, happy and content Barn and Barn keeper. You all are lookin' good as well. :)

I will close this post with a great big *HUG and KIss* to my sister, Ghost!! I have only one sister and how lucky was I that Jehovah God gave me the best sister in the universe! I love you sis!!

Newest Yarn Barn member

Meet Earnie. He is my first attempt at a teddy bear and I just love him. I made him for a very special lady in my life and now I am finding it hard to part with him. I will do the right thing and I can always make another. He of course is not child approved but know that he will be going to a home with NO children, no chance of any choking hazards. :)

I think I will work on trying to finish the two afghan I have going, before starting another project. That is easier to say then to do. One is the Lumberjack and the other is the Snowflake afghan.

I hope you all have a blessed weekend.


Thursday, December 4, 2008

The other 2 hats

The purple and green one for me and the pink and green one for my niece Alicia. So that makes three Snowman hats in 2 days for me. Thank you Ellen for have such a wonderful pattern for sale. I just love it.
I have mailed these out priotiry mail this evening so they should arrive on Saturday. I will get photos of them wearing them and then I can do a Three Snow Women post instead of a Three Wise Men post. LOL

See how happy I look? I am that happy and it feels good. *hugs* to all of you.!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

For my Sister

I bought this pattern called the Snowman Hat from one of my fellow bloggers and designer Ellen Gormley. Her link is on my right side bar titled "Go Crochet". I made one yesterday for myself and my sister loved it so I sat last night and made her one in the colors of her choice, blue and sage. I hope you like it sis. Here is a picture of me wearing it. I will be making another for my niece as well.

I will post the one I made for me tomorrow. I am recoveing nicely from my surgery. I still have stitches in both hands/wrists. They are due to come out on next Tuesday. As you can see, it has not kept me from my crochet or many other things. :)

Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes. *HUGS*

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Recovering Nicely

Just a quick note here, at this early morning hour, to let you all know that sis is really coming along nicely. She still can't lift anything heavy but can lift her hook and do some crochet if she works slowly. This is not something she was suppose to do until five days after surgery. She was to do nothing at all with them hands. But you know how it is when you live in a Yarn Barn, it is hard to turn your head away.

I am sure when she can she will make her own entry. She is a driven women! And what drives her? Yarn of course!

She is currently working on a scarf and has made at least two pot scrubbers that I know of as of this posting.

Oh, and one other thing before I let you go. Did you know she is turning my home into a Yarn Trailer! Gotta love her, I sure do!