Saturday, December 6, 2008

Almost forgot

How could I forget to mention the new LOGO that my wonderfully talented, beautiful, smart sister, Ghost made for me and I just love it. You're probably thinking, "hmmm barns are normally red in color". Well right you are, but if you know me then you know that green is my FAVORITE color so, therefore my "Yarn Barn is green".
I also wanted you to take at the look at how stuffed my barn is getting. Yes, I am going to have to make some other storage arrangements eventually or else it will be all over the place and you will not be able to see my blog to read it because of all the yarn overflow.

In case you have not seen the barn yet, look at the upper right hand side corner of my blog. There she is!!!!! A beautiful full, happy and content Barn and Barn keeper. You all are lookin' good as well. :)

I will close this post with a great big *HUG and KIss* to my sister, Ghost!! I have only one sister and how lucky was I that Jehovah God gave me the best sister in the universe! I love you sis!!


Anonymous said...

GOLLY, GOSH and GEE! I am NOT all that! But I am grateful to have you as a sister also. I am very blessed by Jehovah. I am just trying to give back a little of what you bestow on me honey.

As to the green, well I sure know it and anyone who is close to you knows you love green. You had your house painted green and you live on a street with a green name. You really do love green that much! Thank you Jehovah for blessing me with Scarlet.

Bunny said...

Hi Scarlet, Just catching up. I love the hats. They are so neat. I also love Earnie! He is the cutest! The logo came out great! Barns can be any color that you want them to be. Green is a great color!