Saturday, December 6, 2008

Newest Yarn Barn member

Meet Earnie. He is my first attempt at a teddy bear and I just love him. I made him for a very special lady in my life and now I am finding it hard to part with him. I will do the right thing and I can always make another. He of course is not child approved but know that he will be going to a home with NO children, no chance of any choking hazards. :)

I think I will work on trying to finish the two afghan I have going, before starting another project. That is easier to say then to do. One is the Lumberjack and the other is the Snowflake afghan.

I hope you all have a blessed weekend.



Anonymous said...

Ernie is the best. He makes me laugh and feel so good inside. He will sure bring joy to the receiver. You did great and I love the little paw buttons on the arms and the butterfly on the nose.

Wendy said...

He is sooo cute....great job...I love to make teddy bears they are so fun to make and give them their own little personality...