Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Two more projects done

Here are the pillows that I made for the nephews to match the afghans that I made for them. Evan is going to Berkley so his colors are gold and blue and Andrew is 16 and in high school but one of his favorite colors is orange. I used the Fisherman's ring pattern and then added double crochet until it was as large as I needed for the 16 inch pillow forms. I then sewed that square onto the pillow form and left one row of double crochet as a border for the pillow. I think they came out nice.

I am now back in my comfort zone and working on a scarf to go with the snowman hat that I made.



June said...

Beautiful pillows. I really like that pattern!

Anonymous said...

If them boys don't like them pillows then there is something wrong with them They are so professional looking. Fabulous job especially with healing hands.