Friday, January 9, 2009

Button, Button, I've got the button

It all started when we were in San Diego for the holidays and my mother-in-law noticed that I used buttons on some of the bed jackets that I was making for babies. She asked me if I'd be interested in her buttons. Well of course I said "YES!!" Dad then said, "Good, most of those buttons were given to her by her mother, it'd be nice to get rid of them". Mom just snickered and brought up 2 jars of the most beautiful buttons you've ever seen. We sat and went through all of them and what treasures they are and I brought most of them home with me. :)

One button stood out and I knew that I would have to make something special with it. Something special for me. One is a close up of the button. and then a picture of the neck scarf that I created. (Be sure to click on the pictures to make them bigger so you can see the detail of the button.)

A one of a kind piece and I had fun making it.

HUGS to all of you.


Wendy said...

oh that is so pretty...I LOVE that button. I would love to get ahold of my grandma's buttons, maybe I will give her a call and see if I can have them and she can send thme with my mom in February..

Sandy said...

Perfect! The colors in your scarf go perfectly with the special button. How cool you've got something of grandma's.

Well done, as always.

Anonymous said...

A stunning piece sis and I think you should of mentioned that the flower you made is also a button and that the flower is not just attached. It turned out so great. Another masterpieces pattern by Scarlet.

Bunny said...

Beautiful Scarlet and so special.