Friday, January 16, 2009

More works off my hook

Here is another scarf that I made for the conductor of the train that takes my husband to work everyday. Yes....the same train that hit him last year and could have killed him. Hubby was excited to have me offer it to him as the colors are perfect because CalTrain is silver-gray and red. He (the Conductor) complimented my husband on the new box stitch scarf that he was wearing so I thought this would be perfect.

The next was leftovers from the San Diego Wild fire square project. I must have not sent out the last 10 squares that I made because I found them in a box mixed in with my stash. So I rounded up 2 other squares, joined them and made this lap-ghan. Can you tell what squares I just rounded up? LOL It will keep someone's legs warm for sure.

The next project that I've been working on since yesterday is some baby hats for the Lil Troopers Group that I belong to. I managed to get 11 hats done. I will make one more and ship out an even dozen along with a few bed jackets.

Interesting about the hat pattern that I used this time for the babies. I used the same pattern that Bunny posted on her blog but used a "G" hook and they came out perfect size...also used only one skein of yarn as to 2 skeins together in the mans pattern. I am really loving this pattern ( Thanks Bunny ) and think I will stick to it for the babies from now on unless I get some complaints. :)

Keeping busy and trying to work on getting used to my new work schedule and my new life schedule as well. So far it is not too bad but I can see where it might get troublesome.

HUGS to all of you.


Sandy said...

Your model doesn't smile either I see. lol Funny how hubbies just don't like to get their pics taken wearing our creations.

Nice way to use up your lost squares. It will indeed keep someone warm.

I beginning to wonder how you have time to eat or sleep with the number of projects you're able to complete.

*left a comment in answer to your question regarding the homeless, sorry for the confusion.

Anonymous said...

You must have the hottest hooks in town. I use to think I was fast but you got me beat by miles. And on top of that all your work is so charming. Love the scarf, hats and ghan. Nicely done.

Wendy said...

Nice Job, and isn't nice when you can do something for someone, you sort of know...