Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wheel Chair Cape

Well I am having a bad hair day in this one. I just had gotten out of the shower about 45 minutes before the picture and I had not done my hair. Well now you've seen me without my hair done. I think it was the same case in the last photo as well. Anyway here is the wheel chair cape that I did like the one sis made. I just used a button for the closure. Not sure I like the color. I used Red Heart Strata in Confetti and I think it is way too .....wild is the word I guess I am looking for.

I hope you all are having a great week.



Bunny said...

Your cape came out beautiful Scarlet and I would say the color is vibrant and wonderful.

Ghost said...

Oh it really did come out terrific. And I love the color it looks like a bowl of a delicious candy and such variety. something to please everyones taste. Great job sis.

Bunny said...

I forgot to ask you about the pattern you used for this. Is this your pattern or can I find it somewhere. I did a search and came up with nothing.
Thanks. Great job!

Therese said...

Great job as always. I like the colors as well.
I also love the pillow you made for you sister how sweet. You two are wonderful.

Sandie said...

Very nice job. The colors are fine. I don't think you said what you are going to do with it, but since it is a wheelchair cape, I immediately thought of nursing home and I have heard they like bright colors because their eyesight is not that good. So perfect!