Monday, March 16, 2009

A few more projects complete

Here are a few project that I finished this weekend. A short neck scarf, pattern in my head. I used a cable stitch that sis and I learned while she was here and went from that and this is the of my efforts.

Next is a larger Amazing star square. I just love this pattern . I will be working on the from time to time and make a afghan out of them.

No picture update on the Mother-in-law afghan but I have 10 squares totally completed along with a single extra round of single crochet around it.

And last is a doily that I finished that sis and I started when she first got here.

I am glad to have these things completed and out of the way. I am really going to try and see if I can get the mother-in-law finished this week.

Hope you all have a blessed Monday.



Sandie said...

I have never made a doily and since my eyes are getting worse and worse, I'm thinking I never will! :-) Yours is just gorgeous, and in blue - my favorite. What a pretty variegated. The Amazing Star and the neck scarf also came out wonderful. You are so talented! Thanks to you and Ghost for sharing all your beautiful work.

Ghost said...

I just adore your own creation again with the scarf pattern and I love the way the top folds down it gives it such a lovely nice look. The amazing star square is beautiful and I too love that square. When I first saw it I knew I had to know how to do it. Everyone is so different and unique in its own way. And of course your doily is very nice and I know you are anxious to get your afghan completed. And you will.

Wendy said...

Scarlet you do such lovely work..I just love that square...I have not done to much that involves using a pattern...way to much mumble jumble going on in my head to concentrate....
Hope you are doing well.

June said...

Scarlet, you take such a beautiful photo that you should be a model! I love the Amazing Star square and also the doiley! Have a blessed day.