Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fun Fur and Cotton Purse.

So I have all these purse handles laying around so last night I decided to make use of a set. I sat down and went through my pattern books and found nothing that I liked so I put on my creative thinking cap and came up with this while watching American Idol, (I love Adam Lambert).

I used some fun fur that I had laying around and Peaches and Cream cotton in Northwoods. My hook size was a "J". I lined the inside with a beautiful green paisley sorta silk fabric. I really like it and can't wait to use it. And you knew when you started reading this that of course it would be GREEN!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful day!!



Ghost said...

Wow! Great job! As busy as you are these days you are still finding ways to be creative and productive. I love it!

Wendy said...

Oh I just LOVE that purse...Great job....those handles would have been the answer to my bag, actually now that it is done they might not have worked. I really should look at geting some handles....

Cherri said...

Both of these purses are beautiful!!! I particularly love the green one. You do beautiful work. :)
Hugs, Cherri