Thursday, April 2, 2009


I decided to make a pillow to go with the Afghan for my mother-in-law. This was actually the swatch square that I did to show her what I thought the square should look and then after seeing it in one color we went and picked out another color which was the heather grey. So I saved the solid square and it has been tossed here and there and I thought of the pillow.

I made an applique first of little forget-me-not flowers and attached in a bunch. I them embellished that with beads and sewed it to the center of the square after adding several rows to the border. I then made two petal forget-me-not's that seemed to look like butterflies to me and placed them in each corner and put the smaller forget-me-not's that I had from a bag of buttons and sewed them to the middle. I think the red/pink color is the same to match the curtains that she made with fabric she bought while on her last trip to Paris. If it does not match I can always remove them with a simple "snip".

So here are the photos.

Love and Hugs and wishing you a happy Friday!!


June said...

Very pretty. You are so creative! I haven't posted a photo of the Log Cabin quilt with black centers yet. Been too rainy out to take it outside to take a picture. It is large! TGIF!

Ghost said...

Sis, you are so clever. This is such a beautiful accent pillow to go with the afghan. I know she will love it. I know I do.

Cherri said...

It's so pretty! You are a very clever woman!! (And they do look like butterflies.) :)
Hugs, Cherri

Sandie said...

As the others said, you are so clever. This will be a lovely accent pillow to go with the ghan.