Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Hope everyone is doing fine. It has been busy here so I have not blogged much. I did however find time to crochet. :) Here are some photos of the sweater that I made for myself. I think it turned out nice. The pattern was in this months issue of Crochet World.
Hubby took the picture and he keep telling me how nice it was and how proud he was of me.
That made me feel so good. :)
Anyway on with the show. :)

Hugs and love,
Scarlet Sayer


Ghost said...

I totally enjoyed working on this sweater with you sis. You are a very skillful crocheter. It looks beautiful on you of course.

Tina said...

That turned out really pretty. I'm almost positive I have that issue (got a subscription). Not that I need to start a sweater, but... You look great in it, love the colors. too.

June said...

What an unusual pattern! I love the sweater and the colors are so great. You always do such nice work!

DabookLady said...

lol...I thought I was seeing double as I clicked on your blog off of your sis'blog not knowing you were sisters, and I had just commented on how pretty her sweater turned out and how unusual it was and then there and behold was a nother one in front of my eyes...lol...great colors, I love them...the both of you look wonderful... :)

Sandy said...

Very interesting pattern, did you use different yarns? I can see different textures? Very cool.

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Sandy said...

Me popping in, this time from
traveling suitcase

I'm making my rounds, lol

The suitcase has been busy, come see where all it's been


Sandy said...

Wow...what are you up to? I've made rounds from The Bridge, then from The Suitcase, and now from Sandy's Space...strange no updates from you. Hope all is ok?


Sandy said...

Need all team members to please read post on The Bridge, I need a favor.

Sandy said...

One more try to reach all team members.

CuteArtsyGuy said...

This one is very unique, I don't t think I've seen this one! Great job!

X Joshua

Deb Upcycles said...

That is AWESOME!! LOve the sweater!!

Beansieleigh said...

Hi Scarlet! Your sweater is BEAUTIFUL! Love the colors, the style!.. and it certainly is getting around that time of year to start wearing them again! I hate to admit it, but it looks like Fall is settling in to stay! Hope you're having a nice weekend! ~tina