Saturday, September 5, 2009

Back again.

Well I need to get into the habit of posting again. I have lots to share since last time I posted. First is a photo of some bed jackets that I made for my Crafting for a Cause group. I dressed them up a bit so they would not look so plain. I think the babies will be too small and inactive enough so that they do not play with the adornments. Even so if they do they can easily be taking off by the parents.

Next is my version of the Bearghan. I am making these for our friends kids that are coming for a visit on the 19th from Seattle. Their names are Lily and Ian. This one is for Lily and I am currently working on one for Ian in blue and yellow. Not sure if it looks like a Bear or a Weird Bird. LOL Anyway I am sure they will love them.

Anyway that is all for now. I will post again with some oven mitts that I made out of cotton. They are great!!



Ghost said...

I love the unique head on the nonyghan. It is so different and the fact that you made it differently just shows how talented you are. And those baby jackets are too sweet and the adornments are lovely.

Sandie said...

Beautiful little bedjackets. What pattern is that again? I know you've made them before and probably posted the pattern link. I am determined one day to make one of those! Time, time, where does it go.

I love your bear! How cute! I echo Ghost. The head is so cute and very unique. He looks like he's just ready to give some sweet child a big hug. Did you write your instructions down?

SANDY said...

Beautiful as always, so nice to see you post again. I was getting worried about you. I'm sure the kids will love the bearghans, which I've still not made. My list of things to make..I can't tell you how long it is.

Sweaters, beyond precious with the special little touches.


Sandy said...

I know there are about 3 versions of this sweater, I've used 2 I think, very close in directions but different in sizing I think from memory. Which one did you use?


Tina said...

The sweaters all look nice. The bearghan is adorable, Lily is sure to love it.