Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Make a Wish Foundation Afghan

I made this afghan for a Make a Wish Foundation fund raiser here in our area. Go and read the story that inspired me to donate something. This is the link Dylans Story and Veronica, (Dylan's mom) has been doing this 10 years now. I hope to help her out more next year and get more involved.

What a great cause. Maybe some of you would like to contribute something for next October's event? Handmade things tend to raffle very well and are also wonderful silent auction pieces. If you are interested you can contact me or Veronica directly at the web site above.



Ghost said...

It is gorgeous sis. How do I know what they want. Maybe I can do something for next year. Or I have a shawl.

Sandy said...

Visiting all Bridge Team members this am. This is such a good cause. Years ago when my daughter was home her choir would always do a benefit concert with the proceeds going to Make a Wish Foundation.

Love the color you used here, very bright and cherry.