Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lots to Share

Well I have not blogged so that means a long entry with lots of pictures. Sis and I are having a great time and accomplishing many things. We also have a new addition to our family and her name is Luna. She is a wonderful Lab- Shepherd mix with the sweetest personality.

Isn't she adorable?!!

Next is a purse that sis and I did, I am sure if you go to her blog you can see the one that she made as well.

Next for your viewing pleasure is a shawl that we made. I did my flowers differently than sis so be sure to check out her blog to see hers.

I saved my favorite for last. I just love this hat and I will be making more in different colors. We got the pattern out of the Crochet Magazine November 2009 issue, It is the Girls Newsboy hat. I just love it.

And I will close my post with another picture of our new baby. Hope everyone has a great day!!


Ghost said...

Yes, I am having a wonderful time also and cant believe how much crochet we have done. I feel like I am catching up from lost time over the summer when I did so very little crochet. Isn't Luna just the best doggie ever????

Susan said...

what a pretty dog ! Luna needs some crochet dog toys !

Tina said...

Luna is so pretty. :) You and your sister both did a great job on your purses (I saw hers on her blog, too.)

SANDY said...

I always enjoy your "team crochet". When you and sis get together and make things it's fun. Wish I had someone to team crochet with. How cool.

I can see why the hat is your favorite, it's darling and it looks great on you.

So many people getting new dogs now it seems, the training and all the work ahead of ya. Good luck with all that.

Just visiting some Bridge Members this am, wishing it was prettier weather. How's it there?

Sandie said...

Saw Luna over at FB. He's a beautiful dog. I'm sure you will enjoy him.

Of course your projects are lovely as always. My sis has mentioned liking the newsboy type hats. I really need to sit down and make her one.

Sandy said...

Been too long again between your posts, and even longer since you've come visiting.

Hello....I'll leave bread crumbs so you can find your way to my place. lol


Yasmin said...

Thank you for dropping by at my blog.
I can just imagine how much fun you gals had! I wish I had someone to crochet with!Lovely bag and shawl.

Sandy said...

Me popping back in again to check on you.