Tuesday, January 5, 2010

More info on Just Call Us Volunteers

These hats and scarves will be handed out at the dinner served on December 25, 2010 so we have lots of time. I'd like the items to be sent to me so that I can keep track of the donors and also of the count. We (hubby and I and Luna) will take them down with us in December when we go to visit and of course help out.

If there is a possibility of making over that quota I can assure you that they will be put to good use and not go wasted. Remember this count is only the homeless that have a bed for 72 hours until then they have to hand the space over to the next person so they can get a good rest and shower and such. After their 72 hours are up they go back on the streets and live there until their next time slot of 72 hours opens up.

So any help you could give would be so appreciated by us and the homeless. With out us they have very little. So go and see our web site and judge for yourself. Just Call Us Volunteers.

Thanking you in advance for all your love and support. *HUGS*

Monday, January 4, 2010

Just Call Us Volunteering

The title of this post is a company that my sister-in-law started a few years back and has been so successful. Nick and I have helped out for the past two years prepping the food and getting it to those who need it. This url can show you some of the wonderful things that take place getting ready to prepare a meal for the homeless. This years video is not yet up for our service on 12/25/09 but am sure Julie will get to it as soon as possible. Check out our site at Just Call Us Volunteers.

I'd like to ask for help in making 200 hats and 200 scarves so that we can help out Julie and those homeless who desperately need the warmth. If you can help out and need a pattern please email myself or my sister Diana over at Ghosts Yarn Tales. She has already committed to do some and I am hoping to get other volunteers as well.

Thank you all for giving so freely from your hearts. We have all year to make the goal!