Monday, January 4, 2010

Just Call Us Volunteering

The title of this post is a company that my sister-in-law started a few years back and has been so successful. Nick and I have helped out for the past two years prepping the food and getting it to those who need it. This url can show you some of the wonderful things that take place getting ready to prepare a meal for the homeless. This years video is not yet up for our service on 12/25/09 but am sure Julie will get to it as soon as possible. Check out our site at Just Call Us Volunteers.

I'd like to ask for help in making 200 hats and 200 scarves so that we can help out Julie and those homeless who desperately need the warmth. If you can help out and need a pattern please email myself or my sister Diana over at Ghosts Yarn Tales. She has already committed to do some and I am hoping to get other volunteers as well.

Thank you all for giving so freely from your hearts. We have all year to make the goal!



Ghost said...

You mentioned a URL but I don't see one.

Sandie said...

I would love to help out, Scarlet. Are you accepting the scarves and hats for delivery? What is your deadline and requirements? Do they need to be a specific size or material?

Scarlet said...

Hi Sandie,

Thank you again for your support. No specific material, we will take what we can get. :) The sizes will vary as there are both men and women so we are not asking for a specific size. I think having a variety will be good as they will pick out their own hat and scarf. We want them to have one that makes them feel happy.

Yes I will be collecting the hats and scarves here and then when we go down to SD we will load them up and drive on down.

We wouldn't turn away some of your prayer cloths. :)


Bunny said...

Hi Scarlet! I would love to help out also. I need to finish up what I'm working on.
I already have your address.

sandy said...

Decided to read the page real quick before work, was too curious. Looks like a good group there in San Diego. It doesn't get as cold there as here in winter; I wondered if you suggest a different weight yarn for these hats and scarves? I'll add a link or something about your group in a day or so. We need groups doing things for homeless all over; all year long.


Unknown said...

Hi, I'm a friend of Chef Julie's and the head geek for "Just Call Us Volunteers". Thanks for following our site. Just wanted you to know that it's been updated with a slideshow of Christmas and info on upcoming volunteer events.

Thanks, Angie