Tuesday, January 5, 2010

More info on Just Call Us Volunteers

These hats and scarves will be handed out at the dinner served on December 25, 2010 so we have lots of time. I'd like the items to be sent to me so that I can keep track of the donors and also of the count. We (hubby and I and Luna) will take them down with us in December when we go to visit and of course help out.

If there is a possibility of making over that quota I can assure you that they will be put to good use and not go wasted. Remember this count is only the homeless that have a bed for 72 hours until then they have to hand the space over to the next person so they can get a good rest and shower and such. After their 72 hours are up they go back on the streets and live there until their next time slot of 72 hours opens up.

So any help you could give would be so appreciated by us and the homeless. With out us they have very little. So go and see our web site and judge for yourself. Just Call Us Volunteers.

Thanking you in advance for all your love and support. *HUGS*


Anonymous said...

hi scarlet...so glad to read your blog...yours and diana's are my favorites...for the hats and scarves would you recommend acrylic yarn? i have some patons 100% wool - would that be acceptable? and how may i receive an address to mail the items? your luna is such a pretty puppy...how does she get along with your other fur babies...sally

Scarlet said...

Hi Sally, I am so happy that you enjoy our blogs. I need to update more frequently. As for the kind of yarn, it can be whatever you have on hand. Any color and in a variety of adult sizes, woman and men. Bright colors make them happy but the darker ones gets them less noticed.

You can mail them directly to me and you can send me an email to get that address. My email is scarlet@kfu.com

Thank you Sally for your support.

Luna does very well with the fur babies. She wants to play ll the time and sometimes they are not in the mood so they hiss and whine.


Ghost said...

I am so glad you posted about this. I know you were waiting on Julie to get the info out there. I am sure we will make it we have all year and I plan on making till my bones show. I know this is a good cause and that the items made are going where they are intended for.

Unknown said...

Scarlet, I read over at Sandie P's that it is Blog Delurking Week, so I am making an effort to "delurk." Actually, I do have a question. I like the sound of your hat/scarf drive and would like to participate, but I am more skilled at scarves than hats. But I would imagine that you want sets, not single items. Am I correct on that? I do enjoy your blog as well as your sister's. I saw your email address so when I am ready to send, I will email you for house address. Thanks much! Viv

Scarlet said...


Thank you so much for stopping by and Volunteering. If you prefer to make scarves then you make scarves honey!! I am sure there will be other that prefer to make hats, (like ME!) It will all be used and appreciated.

Don't feel rushed, we have all year to make pretties. :)

Thank you again for your support.


SANDY said...

Homeless are such a sad problem in ever city. And in these colder areas, I really don't know how they survive. I'll have to check out the link you left. Is it a new group? I've not come across it before. Will swing by after work, now to trudge off into the snow. errr, it's only early Jan, and I'm already tired of winter.

Delivered a large bag stuff yesterday to our homeless group, Bridge and Beyond and hope it helps a few of those folks. What a wish it is that with all of efforts we could eliminated the problem.


Ghost said...

Well, I can attest to how cold it gets there and about the snow too. It surprises many people.

Unknown said...

Hi All, I'm a friend of Chef Julie's and the digital media geek for" Just Call Us Volunteers" and wanted to let you know the website has been updated with a slideshow I created from pictures from Christmas. Thanks for your support! Check us out: www.justcallusvolunteers.org

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