Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Gift of Warmth and Love

Sis just finished another new pattern. These fingerless gloves will be going too a dear friend of Scarlet's named Janette. They were for a young girl but were admired by Janette so Moranda said to give them to her and make me another pair. Both have a good and loving heart.

I just love the buttons sis chose, I think they look so dressy. Oh and I forgot to mention they are made of cotton.



Sandie said...

Oh, those are beautiful! I also love the buttons that were chosen. Nice job!

Sandy said...

BEAUTIFUL! So dressy, I can see why everyone wanted them. The buttons are made from cotton? WOW! Stopping in to leave another ((((HUG))) and hope things improve for you each and everyday Scarlet.

Making my rounds today to visit all my friends from The Bridge.